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My name is Pat Toovey and welcome to my web site.

I have been raising rabbits since 2004. Before that I had Rabbits as Pets for most of my life.

What started out as a Family Day Care project for the children in my care, finished as a hobby for me.

My daughter came up with

"Parejome" by putting the first two letters from my family names together.

We are located in Welby (2575), part of the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia.

We now only breed Flemish Giants in the American Rabbit Breeders Association colours.


I am a member of the Canberra Rabbit Club.


We have updated our Vaccination program upon receiving information regarding the strains of Calici Virus around. We now vaccinate our bunnies aged at 6 weeks, then 12 weeks, then every 4 months thereafter.

I offer email assistance when you buy rabbits from me and an information pack with some rabbit pellets also.

If I can help you get a start in the rabbit breeds let me know. I will answer any questions you have about them, just contact ​me.


I hope you enjoy my website.

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